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Profiles with Personality

I know, you’ve seen it all before… another personality profile, simply more psychometric tests where they tell you your “type” such as ESFJ, Myers Briggs, Belbin and colour theories. Are you fed up of being put in a box, labelled and numbered, stickered and judged?

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For Individuals

Siviters is used by individuals as well as for businesses. It can be used to help discover your talents, work out your honest motivations and values and to help interact with others and sell yourself better.

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For Education

Looking to help your students get a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses? Perhaps you want a faculty to gel together better?

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For Change

Time for a change? Sometimes change can be difficult when you’re on the inside looking out but, at Siviters, change is our forte.

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Innermetrix is one of the tools we use for our consultancy, it is an incredibly personal, highly effective psychometric system, unlike any other.

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